The conspiracy

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Every second, every minute of life passes,

and I have no news from you, I'm just thinking about a plot,

and I see the moon with her smile trying to hide

the exact coordinates of your presence.

And I know that stars conspire to keep you hidden,

and grasses conspire because they do not remain static,

and yield to the coming and going of the wind that cradles them.

And the waters of the river conspire because they do not rise to the surface,

and the sand conspires because despite the telluric movement of,

this afternoon, of yesterday, it does not expel you like a puff of smoke,

and the stones conspire because they did not revolt against your captors,

and my words conspire to the extent that they are

unable to touch the heart of the one who caught you by the wrists.

And my eyes conspire when they cannot see beyond the obvious,

and my body conspires because my blood cannot call you,

and the omen's sword is like the thing’s children conspire ...

And the public ministry conspires,

when he misspells your name in a folder,

the lawyer conspires when he changes your name,

and puts Alfonso in place of Alonso, and Ramírez instead of Martínez.

And the prosecutor who asks me, "What news? Conspires,

the officer who asks me, "How are you? Conspires,

people who say they did not see anything conspire,

cameras with blind spots are conspiring,

conspire also those who refuse to show the cameras,

as clear evidence of your passing at that hour,

in this place, on this road,

and all the voices that cannot come out conspire,

conspire also the eyes,

who refuse to read this pamphlet.

Fingers that do not share the sad news of your disappearance conspire,

and conspire with their existence the non-disappeared,

who drown your disappearance in the crowd that fled,

in a hurry to join the public service.

Written by the performer artist Lukas Avendaño,

looking for his brother since the 10th may 2018

Traduction by Oliva Camero during her internship with Uekani

Message of December the 4th, 2020 :

After 30 months, Bruno Avendano, who disappeared in Oaxaca, is found dead.

His body was found in a clandestine grave on November 12 between the limits of the municipalities of Salina Cruz and Tehuantepec on the Isthmo of Tehuantepec.

#JusticiaparaBruno !