Hugs & kisses

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Today, I kissed mom a lot from you,

I kissed her hands, her head and her face,

I also kissed mom's feet.

I also hugged her tightly in my arms for you

She told me that my face was very hot...

In fact, I think it’s all the courage

which accumulates deep within me

and is reflected on my face.

Suddenly, I feel like my whole body

becomes bright red impotence.

Today, the moon saw us crying and my mother said to me:

"I do not cry sadness, sadness is gone,

I cry to courage, to impotence"...

and so, we started crying together.

Then we wiped our tears, and she said to me:

"Someone must act, it's time for me to go out,"

and it was as if she was wearing armour.

Once again, I clung to her hand,

as when, as children, we came to see the darkness,

so, we didn’t get caught by the "bogeyman", the "bouuh! "...

and with her courage, we went back to your search.

Written by the performer artist Lukas Avendaño,

looking for his brother since the 10th may 2018

Traduction by Olivia Cameron during her internship with Uekani

Photography by Carlos Aguilar & Daniel Martínez

Message of December the 4th, 2020 :

After 30 months, Bruno Avendano, who disappeared in Oaxaca, is found dead.

His body was found in a clandestine grave on November 12 between the limits of the municipalities of Salina Cruz and Tehuantepec on the Isthmo of Tehuantepec.

#JusticiaparaBruno !